Jivan Sandesh Ministries



  • To teach the Word of God with clarity, simplicity and authority to those who are searching for the truth, in order to bring them to Jesus Christ, the ultimate truth
  • To equip and empower the followers of Christ to grow toward Spiritual maturity and leadership


  • Radio Broadcast in Gujarati and Hindi language
  • Systematic follow-up of seekers
  • Discipleship training
  • Counseling –Marriage Enrichment Ministry


Jivan Sandesh radio broadcast began in 1962 by The Christian and Missionary Alliance with the vision of reaching millions of unreached of state of Gujarat with the Good news of Jesus Christ. The seed planted by radio over the years have brought forth plenty of harvest. Hindi radio broadcast started in 2000 to reach the North India with the Good news. Radio is an effective tool even today in our land to proclaim the message of love, peace, joy and eternal life. At present we have two Gujarati and two Hindi broadcast, each of 15 minutes. We receive letters of seekers from twenty states of India in response to our Gujarati and Hindi radio broadcast.

Pray that God may provide more funds for the broadcast cost to increase number of days 
for the radio broadcast
Gujarati Broadcast

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Hindi Broadcast

Saturday - Sunday
7:30 - 7:45 pm.
6:15 - 6:30 a.m.
TWR - Medium wave 

340 meters

Jivansandesh (Gujarat Radio)- India
Christian & Missionary Alliance
P.O.Box 35000, Colorado Springs
CO 80935-3500 USA

Friday - Saturday
6:15 - 6:30 a.m.
FEBA - Short wave
41 meters band


We believe that each letter we receive from radio listener is not a piece of paper but a living soul heading toward eternity. So each person is followed up systematically to establish them in the faith in the Word of God. Along with the correspondence we also send them spiritual literature and devotional books. Our goal is: when a radio listener contacts us, he or she should get enough opportunity to understand the Good news and respond to it. He or she should grow in his or she faith and be rooted in the Word of God.

Follow-up strategy:

* Seven points to salvation * Correspondence and literature * 42 lessons on John’s gospel * 5 lessons on Assurances * 14 lessons on Growth * 9 lessons on Maturity * Seekers Seminars * Discipleship Training * Family Fellowship * Personal Visitation


In 1987 God led us in to the ministry of Discipleship training to equip believers to be an effective Disciple of Jesus Christ and a Disciple maker. God provided the tool of "2:7 Series" to achieve the goal. The 2:7 Series material is based on Col. 2:7 "rooted and built up in Him." We praise God for guiding us to conduct more than sixty "2:7 Discipleship Training Clinics" in last fifteen years to train more than 1500 people. Those who are trained are training others according to 2 Tim.2: 2.

Many Churches and organizations have been blessed with spiritual leadership and full time workers because of the Discipleship Training Ministry. Our goal is to train and equip 120 to 150 people each year to be effective disciples of the Lord Jesus in our state of Gujarat. We are expanding the Discipleship training ministry to North India in Hindi language.

Pray that many believers may be trained and equipped to be Effective Disciples and Witnesses
of Jesus Christ in India.


God gave us vision in 1992 to reach families in need in order to strengthen their relationship with the Lord and with each other. God also burdened us to build young generation by helping them at the point of their need. We started "Marriage Enrichment Seminars" (MES) to help couples in their relationship building. By God’s grace this ministry has reunited many separated couples and have helped them to restore the peace and joy of their family life. In last ten years more than 600 couples have participated in MES program and have been blessed in their life. Jivansandesh is also helping young people in their real life issues by teaching them during seminars and guiding them personally.

Our goal is to help and teach 75 couples each year to build them in their relationship with the Lord and with each other.

Our goal is to equip couples with the resources and skills to help other couples in the need and show them the love of Christ.

For more information

Jivan Sandesh Ministries,
Beulah Alliance Church, Maninagar-E,
Ahmedabad-8, Gujarat, INDIA
e-mail : jsm2277@gmail.com